About Us

Volunteer Vibe provides relevant and informative content on Corporate Citizenship and Volunteer Engagement in 3 areas: research, public policy, and management practices. Special features are used to highlight key volunteer recognition days, events and activities.

Volunteer Vibe is a place to:

  • Celebrate and explore the impact of volunteering on individuals, organizations, businesses, communities and society.
  • Learn, share and examine volunteer engagement trends, tools and practices.
  • Analyze the systems, structures and norms that influence if, when, and how people engage in creating stronger, more connected communities.


On December 5, 2012 Volunteer Canada launched its first blog. It featured posts from thought leaders in Canada’s voluntary sector, profiled the diversity of Volunteer Canada member organizations, featured new tools and resources and showcased key volunteer recognition days.

The Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management(CJVRM) was first published in the Spring of 1992. It highlighted the management of volunteer services and connected managers of volunteer resources across Canada. The Journal published its final issue in December of 2016 and ownership was transferred to Volunteer Canada in 2017. Volunteer Canada is pleased to provide access to archived copies of the CJVRM on our website.

Following in the tradition of the Journal, content contributions for Volunteer Vibe continue to be actively sought from all regions of the country and from a diversity of perspectives. If you are interested in contributing to this blog, visit our Guest Blogger Page.