One hundredand fifty delegates from around the globe, most representing companies,attended the IMPACT2030, a three-day conference held September 14-16 at the UnitedNations Headquarters in New York City.

Volunteer Canada’s Director of Corporate Citizenship, Elizabeth Dove, attended and shared these highlights:

The opening plenary included an impressive and diverse roster of high-level speakers that set the tone for the excitement and potential that followed, including:

  • David Nabarro, Special Advisor to Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals – also becoming known as “The Global Goals”)
  • Ambassador Marc-Andre Blanchard, Permanent Representative of Canada to the UN
  • Leadership from IBM, UPS; Mayor of Philadelphia

4 key highlights of the Summit:

  • Sir Ken Robinson reminds that the challenges before us were created by creativity and we need even more creativity to address them; Have to understand the depth of resources in organizations and reframe, enliven and make purposeful.
  • Accenture – 87% of the 1000 CEOs of UNGC signatories polled say the SDGs will be a part of their company’s framework going forward.
  • Excitement about the potential of collective impact of mobilizing corporate human capital to accomplish more than companies can individually. Exciting example of collaborative project involving the core competencies of volunteers from GSK and SAP in Rwanda.
  • Working groups created based on interests, geography of registered delegates:  US will choose three SDGs to work on collaboratively; Europe, India, SE Asia will focus on measurement and the SDG Business Case.