International Volunteer Managers Day 2015

International Volunteer Managers Day is a day to recognize the hardwork of those who engage volunteers. Volunteer managers play multi-faceted roles that include selecting, supervising and connecting volunteers with causes in their communities. Volunteer managers build bridges between organizations and communities. They are key facilitators who help citizens get involved. Thanks to volunteer managers, volunteer Continue Reading

Volunteerism and Democracy

“Volunteer involvement is fundamental to a healthy and democratic society in Canada. It promotes civic engagement and active participation in shaping the society we want. It gives everyone a voice and the space to contribute to the quality of life in communities.”Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement Volunteer involvement has a powerful impact on Canadian society, Continue Reading

Volunteering and Healthy Aging

Volunteering is a rewarding activity for older adults. It enhances wellbeing and contributes to an active lifestyle. Research shows that there are significant health benefits to be gained from volunteering. These benefits include enhanced physical, psychological and cognitive health. Physical Health Benefits Research has consistently found that physical health benefits are associated with volunteering. These findings indicate that volunteers report better physical health when compared Continue Reading