Volunteer Centres provide leadership and expertise of volunteering in local communities in every region of Canada.  The 220 local volunteer centres go by different names, sizes, and reflect the nature and priorities of the communities and share four common objectives: (1) to promote volunteering; (2) to connect people with volunteer opportunities; (3) to build the capacity of organizations to engage volunteers; and (4) to provide leaders on issues related to volunteering.  Many centres have also taken on an expanded role as conveners of the non-profit sector and facilitators or organizational development. 

Volunteer Centres build the confidence of individuals by helping them discover the talents and skills they have to offer and an organization that will bring out the best in them.

Volunteer Centres build the competence of local non-profit organizations to more effectively engage volunteers, offering tools and resources, workshops, webinars, and support on a range of topics such as youth engagement, screening, skills-based volunteering, and volunteer recognition.  

Volunteer centres help create connections among volunteers and employees of non-profit organizations through special events, training, and networking opportunities.  These connections facilitate the sharing of practices, promote collaboration, and help identify common issues that call for collective action.

Volunteer centres build communities by bringing together non-profit organizations, businesses, educational institutions, and local government to map assets, identify issues, and address challenges through a collective impact approach.   

If you are looking to volunteer or need help with your volunteer program, contact your local volunteer centre.

From all of us at Volunteer Canada, congratulations to volunteer centres in Canada for all you do to build confidence, competence, connections, and communities.