Group volunteering involves engaging in a volunteer activity as a group, whether with friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances. Group volunteering can involve a specific project with a set timeframe, or it may involve an ongoing commitment shared by a group of volunteers.

Group volunteering can provide support and services in a community in a short timeframe, as it involves many people working together instead of individual volunteers involved in independent tasks.

Many organizations simply do not have the budget, staff, time or other resources to involve large groups of volunteers.

Here are our top 3 tips to help your organization engage groups of volunteers:

  1. Arrange separate activities for different groups simultaneously
    • This reduces the time required to organize activities and facilitates the process of training volunteers.
  2. Offer a specific project with a set timeframe or with a medium-long term commitment
    • This gives the group a sense of autonomy over the project as it must organize itself in order to achieve the intended goal.
  3. Collaborate with groups to design their own activities
    • This allows for a mutually-beneficial relationship where the organization’s needs are met and the group’s interests are taken into account.

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