Contributions are actively being sought from all regions of the country as well as from practitioners, leaders, academics, and policymakers. If you are interested in contributing, please review the following guidelines.

Content must…

  • Be 100% original and not published anywhere else
  • Provoke thought
  • Cover one idea in depth rather than a lot of ideas superficially
  • Use simple, informal and appropriate language
  • Have positive intent
  • Use active over passive voice when possible
  • Be no less than 450 words and no more than 1100 words.

Other requirements:

  • Submit in Microsoft Word document, 12-point font
  • Don’t use the post to advertise your own work; instead, give us a sentence to put into an intro or at the end of the post with links to work you are doing that you are excited about. It’s OK to mention work you are doing if it’s relevant, but self-promotion is not advised.
  • Link to your work as needed but please don’t overcrowd the content with hyperlinks.
  • Please include proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article.
  • The blog will focus on the following categories. Please let us know which of these categories your submission most closely aligns with.
    • Volunteer Engagement
      • Research
      • Public Policy
      • Management Practices
    • Corporate Citizenship

*These categories can include topics such as Employer Supported Volunteering, Corporate Social Responsibility, Screening, Retention, Recruitment, Training, Trends, Evaluation.

Should your submission be accepted…

  • Send us your headshot in jpg format and a brief bio paragraph with links.
  • We require the final draft two weeks prior to the agreed upon publication date.
  • All articles will be reviewed and edited for clarity and consistency. External reviewers may be engaged to support this process based on expertise and capacity.
  • We use images in every post, if you would like to suggest an image to accompany your post, please make sure we have permission to share the photo.

Submissions will be posted in the language they are submitted in. If you would like your submission to be posted in both official languages, you may provide us with a translated version.

You can submit content for review through this form.