International Volunteer Managers Day is a day to recognize the hardwork of those who engage volunteers.

Volunteer managers play multi-faceted roles that include selecting, supervising and connecting volunteers with causes in their communities. Volunteer managers build bridges between organizations and communities. They are key facilitators who help citizens get involved.

Thanks to volunteer managers, volunteer programs across Canada are effective and engaging. Ensuring the well-being and happiness of an organization’s volunteers is central in their work.

Depending on an organization’s structure, size and resources, volunteer resource management can be done by a full-time paid professional, as one aspect of another staff position or by a volunteer.

To celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day 2015, Volunteer Canada is recognizing 15 roles that volunteer managers play.

  1. Connector: Volunteer managers work with volunteers in ways that consider the volunteers’ goals and interests, as well as the needs of the organization
  2. Recruiter: Volunteer managers promote their organization’s opportunities and help volunteers get involved
  3. Career Counsellor: Volunteer managers help volunteers develop skills and competencies as part of their career development path
  4. Outreach Officer: Volunteer managers engage newcomers as volunteers to help them connect with and learn about their new communities
  5. Risk Assessor: Volunteer managers screen incoming volunteers to ensure the safety and quality of their programs and services
  6. Nurturer: Volunteer managers provide safe and supportive environments for their volunteers
  7. Cheerleader: Volunteer managers encourage and recognize their volunteers’ efforts
  8. Statistician: Volunteer managers track and measure their volunteers’ contributions
  9. Evaluator: Volunteer managers provide volunteers with regular opportunities to give and receive feedback
  10. Trainer: Volunteer managers welcome new volunteers to the organization and offer orientation and training to help them succeed
  11. Event Planner: Volunteer managers coordinate volunteer opportunities and organize recognition activities
  12. Administrator: Volunteer managers handle applications, scheduling, budgeting and other details that keep their volunteer programs running
  13. Mediator: Volunteer managers ensure smooth relationships between volunteers, employees and the individuals their organization serves
  14. Writer: Volunteer managers write volunteer position descriptions, policies, procedures, evaluations and recognition messages
  15. Liaison: Volunteer managers work with other staff members to match volunteers with areas their skills are needed

No matter how the position fits within the organization, volunteer managers play an essential role in driving any volunteer-involving organization’s mission. Thank you to Canada’s volunteer managers for all that you do!