“Volunteer involvement is fundamental to a healthy and democratic society in Canada. It promotes civic engagement and active participation in shaping the society we want. It gives everyone a voice and the space to contribute to the quality of life in communities.”

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

Volunteer involvement has a powerful impact on Canadian society, communities, organizations and individuals. It is vital for strong, inclusive and resilient communities.

Volunteers along a wide spectrum of engagement play a key role in building community during elections. Whether they are informing themselves about the issues, supporting a candidate or party, actively participating by helping out at a polling station or adopting a leadership role for a campaign, their efforts are collectively creating the community they want to live in.

Volunteerism promotes change and development through the collective efforts of those who know the community best. It identifies and supports local strengths and assets to respond to community challenges while strengthening the social fabric.

Volunteering is the most fundamental act of citizenship in our society, and on October 19, thousands of volunteers across Canada sparked change. Newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made sure to thank “the incredible volunteers” in his victory speech:

“All of these people had one thing in common: they care deeply about their families, their communities and their country. They believe that better is possible and that active citizens can play a real part in making it happen.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

If you’re ready to spark change in your community, find the volunteer centre near you in our directory to connect with a cause or organization that matters to you.